Steak Italian Sandwich

The Gigantic Garanguasity the Steak Italian, is the big Kahuna at Gino’s Deli. The Steak Italian sandwich is a super blend of 1/4 Lb Ribeye Steak, Ham, Pepperoni, Sauteed Onions, Sauteed bell peppers with our own special blend of spices, covered with the dynamic duo of cheeses, a slice of American and two thick slices of Smoked Italian Provolone Cheese. We add crisp lettuce and juicy tomato to go along with Mayo, all served on a 9 Inch Italian Hoagie Roll made fresh daily from our partner bakery. Weak of heart and appetite need not apply, This sandwich weighs well over a pound & a quarter!

Steak Italian ~ Gino's Deli

Steak Italian ~ Gino’s Deli